Crimson Newsmagazine, run by students is a “beautiful, place for anyone to go find themselves.” They say it is like their “second home.” 

Crimson Newsmagazine is a successful, student-run company. It is located at Paso Robles High School in room 604. Crimson Newsmagazine has been up and running since the 1940’s. It is an elective for 31 students this year.

Although class is third period, you can find Mr. Mount, the Crimson Newsmagazine advisor, anytime during school hours. Mr. Mount is also an English teacher and has been teaching for 27 years. Crimson Newsmagazine provides a newspaper for every student each month, along with Crimson Subscribers. Mr. Mount is very proud of Crimson Newsmagazine and his students.

“I’m happy for my students, I’m happy that they work in Crimson, and that at least a hundred people read their work on average” – Mr. Mount. One of their goals right now is to get an Instagram, since their Facebook following is so large. “PRHS leadership is killing us on Instagram, they have stuff coming out all the time and I’m like ‘ugghh’.” – Mr. Mount.  

Real world work experience is a valuable skill taught in Crimson Newsmagazine. Not only do they practice writing, photography, and design, they also learn how to handle adult responsibilities.

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Hayley said “Crimson Newsmagazine is a beautiful place for anyone to go to find themselves.” Her and many others are thankful for the work experience and the real life problems learned. Many students said that it is like joining a family. There are three main real life skills that make up Crimson Newsmagazine. They are writing, photography, and design. Another thing Hayley mentioned was that Crimson Newsmagazine is “very your preference oriented.” You get to choose what you do. Whether you want to be a business manager, a graphic designer, or another type of worker, there is something you’ll love.

Walking into Mr. Mounts classroom, the first thing you notice is how happy the students are while working together on projects. You see people conversing andworking and you just feel welcome like it’s a family. “I chose Crimson for the experience of a lifetime and to join the family.” – Crimson Newsmagazine student. There’s definitely a very positive aura that you get from being in the room. During class it is very relaxed and there is a lot of laughter and jokes. All the students seem motivated and very willing to do an assignment. Previous students and Mr. Mount have created a fun and safe place for everyone. Which is one of the things that creates happiness within the classroom. The next step towards the future for Crimson Newsmagazine is to continue growing, learning, and having fun.



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