Students Thoughts On PRHS

Hello young adults or whoever is reading this, I am here to inform you on the topic of our education, you may be saying “what about our education” You see many people think they are just attending school and seem like there is nothing happening in the background such as, people in the district are always deciding on how our education may change and discuss what will we do in order to make everything evenly spread out and function able for the students attending PRHS. Now from a student’s perspective they would be like “what why,why will they do this to our education.” I will tell you why because they are lacking a certain amount of money for example they were suppose to have a pool made by now but they were short on financial plans which caused them to be setback for now. In the meantime staff are around helping us if we need any help with our home work or if we have any mental breakdowns,they’ll be there. Besides that, students want to know more than what is being showed in front of them they would also want to see what is the district planning on a everyday bases.


Quote start here “I feel like the district is doing an alright job but I feel like they can do better   .“ As you can see this student gave her opinion on this topic. She seems like the district is doing alright but it seems like she would want them to do a better job rather than just doing an alright job.  


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