Leadership Is a really fun elective class that is always doing fun stuff like setting up school activities. “I’m Loving leadership so far and would do it next year.”Said Presley Escalate. Leadership is great class to be a part of if you have what it takes to be a leader. It is a really fun class to be a part of and I highly recommend it. Chase Startman said “that he is enjoying his First Year of leadership and would do it next year.

Leadership Puts on these amazing dances and other amazing school activities.Leadership is a class of hardworking individuals who are determined to make our campus the best it can be. Everyone in leadership is welcoming and very kind and always looking for a new challenge. Leadership has be around for a while and it has always been jammed packed. They have always been the ones to put on dances and other fun school activities. I think Leadership will always be a huge jammed packed class and will always be successful. I don’t see it going any where but up. Leadership is an amazing class and if you want to make your school a better place the come on and join!


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