Alayna is going to Learn

“The one thing I struggle with is my cultural identity. My mom is white and my dad is Latino, but people often attribute my mixed features to be Asian. When I try to inform people of my ethnicity I know my mother’s history -it’s deeply rooted in Paso, I’m the fifth generation of farmers- but when it comes to my dad I’m devoid of facts. I’m not completely sure if my family hopped the border or if the border hopped my family. I don’t have a place that I can confidently say I came from. All I know is that my greats were Vaqueros from Texas. When it comes to culture, I truly know nothing. I didn’t know til a few years ago that my grandparents protested alongside Cesar Chavez or that my grandparents worked janitorial and field jobs their whole lives. I don’t know a word of Spanish. I don’t know a single tradition from their lives. For a long time I didn’t appreciate them. In fact for a long time I was more familiar with the media image of them and I hate that. I’m ashamed of that. But now I’m going to learn.”

All images are photographed and edited by Christia Taylor.

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