Writing Right by Zoey Mayo

The wonder and magic that words possess has always impressed and dazzled Zoey Mayo. She enjoyed the great works of literature from poems to books. From a young age, she became interested in writing. She shares interests in other things such as tennis and drawing. She takes great pride in the people in her life and is extremely grateful to have them. Her greatest thing that she takes pride in is her skills in writing and journalism   She found a passion for making everyday things feel mystical and beautiful with words that strung into sentences. Mayo excelled at writing in school, achieving good grades on stories and essays that she wrote. She has been commended for her storytelling abilities, yet she feels that she still can always improve an

Meet the Author: Photographed by Taylor Olcott and edited by Zoey Mayo

d enjoy forming the words she takes out of her head into sentences on the paper. She strives to create engaging pieces about many different people and is ready to talk to you about your story and yourself. Allow her to hear your story and turn the words you tell her into a story that you can read yourself, and one that you can share with friends and family through the eyes of someone else. You can contact her to write your story or set up an interview at 8005224@pasoschools.org.


“Zoey’s writing truly states the facts in a way that it’s explained well and in an interesting way.” -Taylor Olcott


“She wrote about my story of my relationship with my late dog. It really touched on the feelings that I told her about. Her vivid and descriptive writing style brought my friend to tears.” -Bella Jingle

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