Robert wittwer is 15 years old, he is the oldest sibling and lives in Paso Robles, California. He moved into his dads last year and from his moms because she moved to Texas and he didn’t want to go. He lives with his dad, stepmom, and his little sister and brother. He is a sophomore in high school and his favorite subject is math. He is always riding his mountain bike, playing Fifa 17, and go hang out with his friends. Robert also likes to play soccer and volleyball at the Paso Robles high school. His experience is mostly from his class, intro to journalism and has photography skills from his mom that lives in Texas. He is very skilled in the Photoshop designing and loves doing it. He is also skilled in photography and he loves to take nature pictures like mountains and river… He created and owns a designer company named “ 10 FOOTER “ and it is also a clothi

ngs brand that is based off of adventurers lives and it’s coming out soon. He has been wanting to make a brand for the longest time and “10 FOOTER” is his favorite design by far and hopefully it will become one of the big companies. If you want can contact Robert Wittwer his email is

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