Fall weather goes away, December weather is here today!

  “I feel comfortable with Angelica, I’ve grown up with her .

So I show her the true me and she captures these beautiful photographs, that I enjoy and

the beautiful memeries we’ve created taking them” – Jasmine

You get through life when you smile through the hard times.

                             You get through life when you smile through the hard times.


    Hello I’m Angelica Piceno I’ve always found passion in photography. Ever since I’ve gotten my first camera for Christmas one year I knew I was hooked.  Taking photos of my friends and life.  I love capturing the moments I may forget. When I joined Intro To Multimedia Journalism, I never knew my passion as a young child would spark up again . And it did. The photos I’ve taken have made me happy and I feel that I’m actually good at something. I’ve never really ever fitted in anywhere. I always have felt like an outcast or “different”. Until this year . When I chose to take IMJ and now I feel accepted, I actually enjoy myself for once, & I’m happy with one of my electives . I found people who were just like me , who shared the same interests as me. Thank you to everyone who shares my passion & have helped me over this semester ! (December 21, 2016)

You don’t plan moments, you capture them.” – Angelica Piceno 


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