Alex Seigrist as a kid always loved drawing and working with electronics. He loved taking a couple hours a day drawing something or tracing it, then showing it to his mom and dad and hear them tell him, “Wow Alex you’re such a great artist”. When he got older he got his first electronic, which was a console called a GameCube,  and he was fascinated how it worked and that’s how he got interested in electronics. He also loved being in photos, and he loved having a couple months or years pass by and look back at that photo and remember what happened that day. So Alex wanted to combine the two and that’s how he got his company 3 Rings, and the three rings represent his love for electronics, drawing, and taking photos. Alex Seigrist is a fourteen year old high school student who lives in Paso Robles, California. Alex loves the sport of football and has been playing for seven years. Alex wishes to become a professional football player as running back or a linebacker, but if not he has his company to fall back on. Alex is a hardworking student who tries for 4.0 GPA ever year. Alex’s favorite food is Chinese food, he’ll basically eat any type of Chinese food, and his favorite Ice cream is Rocky Road! Even though some of Alex’s friends thinks he’s lazy and only plays video games, he’s really an extremely hardworking person and tries to be the best he can possibly be.


“ Alex Seigrist is a fantastic hardworking,designer and is a fantastic photographer and takes pictures for me when i need them !”- Ethan Figueroa

“ Alex is an amazing artist/photographer if he works hard with his Photoshop and illustrator he’ll go far in life with his company”- Alyssa Seigrist 

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