Luis is a 14 year old student at PRHS, who is fond of several things, and the aesthetics that come from life itself. He is devoted to all the necessities that he needs to do something big with his life. From a young age he always admired capturing moments with anything he could get his hands on but, that had a way of taking pictures of course. Although, he just started working with DSLR cameras he’s known that he wanted to become a photographer at a young age and wants to open his own art gallery.  He sees beauty in all things. From orange-reddish sunlight coming in from the window-hitting his bedroom wall-causing the wall to cast-a orange shadow-that both dazzles and stirs him in a moment of awe. Just the little things in life and surroundings for Luis are what spark his creativity. For Luis, it is very crucial to be alive in the moment, and to make every memory he makes a great one. Passions for Luis would have to be photography/writing/going on exciting or subtle adventures/spending time with his friends/etc. If you are in need of a photographer to shoot and edit your pictures be sure to contact me at my email:
Also be sure to check out my VSCO for insight on my pictures and edits:

”Luis is a hardworking photographer that makes it easy for you as the model to feel comfortable”- Jasmine Romero


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”The allusion Luis’s photographs cast are but, a monument of raw insight on the things we don’t easily see” – Suzie Cano

”the photographs i take consist of a happy state of mind“-Luis

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