Hi! My name is Sage Adams and this is my work! I love photography and exploring different angles for the photos and having different aspects that other photographers don’t have. I would love to expand on this art and somehow make a difference. Though it will be hard I would like to create a business for my photography. I have been inspired by so many famous photographers such as: Chris Burkard, Brandon Woelfel, and so many more. Just like these photographers, I would like to travel one day and see things through a camera lense. I love taking pictures of families and friends because you can see how close they are in each of the photos. I love capturing things that will make people happy. I aspire to take pictures that reflect who I am and my standards. I love nature so I tend to take a lot of landscape pictures. I love doing this and I would like to continue taking pictures that people will smile at. Feel free to look around and see what you like! I really hope you like my work and my photos!  


“Sage is a wonderful, passionate, happy individual. She always made sure I was happy, and with her skills I always was. She is so fun, and her prices are great! I would love to work with her again.” -Cheyanne Holliday


“Sage’s work gives such a positive subject that always can make me smile. I love scrolling through her pictures and finding such grace and beauty in her work.”    -Laura Davis

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