my-logo-flowersJoyce Ann Harry was raised to embrace creativity since a young age.

When given a pencil and paper she would draw anything that came to mind and when it was instead a camera she would snap anything she thought beautiful.

Now in high school and able to take classes to show off her passions, Joyce decided to take IMJ (Intro Media Journalism), a class that would help her learn more about how to capture precious moments in time outside of her own memory.

“Art is something I respect,”  she said. “The person who creates it and decides to show it to others tend to put their heart into it, which truly makes you attached, even if it’s just a five year old who drew a stick figure with a yellow triangle dress and green hair. You just can’t help but smile and cheer them on.”

A lot of people don’t realize that photography is like that, but it really is. You have to have a good eye for the beautify in a person and the world around them, and if the one with the camera can see that and works to convey it to those who view it, then it will be called true and wonderful art, no matter what.

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