Advanced dance is a way for students to do what they love while learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, those who are in advanced dance learn the importance of self-discipline. To be in advanced dance you need to audition. The audition consists of a series of jumps and simple follow along routines. “The audition wasn’t too hard, if you tried your best and had some type of dance background it wasn’t extremely difficult.” (Ella Wayner.)

In the 21st century I feel like millennials are solely attached to their phone or some type of screen, myself included. Advanced dance is a great way to start off your school day, and it definitely takes time away from your cell phone, or device. We do have other requirements like physical education, but many students either do not participate in it, or dread it. With advanced dance you can be active while having a great time and doing what you love. “I love advanced dance, I love starting off my morning being active. It’s refreshing.” (Mikaela Farrer)

Advanced Dance spends every day first period dancing. In total with the month and a half we have spent at school that is about 22 hours. This isn’t including the time that they spend before halftime performances at the varsity home games. “We practice everyday first period and we spend some time before home games” (Ella Wayner.) In the advanced dance class there is about 35-40 students. Advanced dance is an accepting and lighthearted environment. “I don’t feel judged here, I don’t feel like everyone is going to be mad at me if I mess up.” (Mikaela Farrer)

Those who are in advanced dance work hard, they work just as hard as any other athletes. Sometimes this gets overlooked though and advanced dance is deemed as something that isn’t a sport and it isn’t taken seriously. “I feel like a lot of people like to look over sports like cheer and dance, this is annoying; we work just as hard as anyone else.” (Ella Wayner.) If you were to walk into the advanced dance room there would be marley floors. There would be a big long gleaming mirror and there would obviously be dancers.

As a freshman advanced dance is an elective. As an upperclassmen advanced dance can be used as a physical education credit. Ella Wayner says that she loves performing at halftime, she loves the feeling of being apart of something at her school. “I feel like when I’m performing I’m a real part of PRHS and as a freshman, I like this feeling”

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a sense of family, in advanced dance you start to build and develop friendships and bonds. You start to feel like you’re all one big family. “I love dance, I love the people. Dance is a nice way to find your strength. We work hard, but have a great time while doing it.” (Ella Wayner)

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