Zachary Summers is a graphic design artist who values his customers greatly. He was born in Paso Robles and has lived there for his entire life, and enjoys working for family businesses. He prefers to connect with his clients personally so he can get a good grip on what his clients really want. Summers is skilled in creating logos, box designs, or even video game characters. He has been working with computers since sixth grade and has loads of experience. He has proficient experience in programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. He is so passionate about his career and giving his customers what they want that he is willing to learn other programs to fit his customer’s needs. Along with graphic design, Zachary also is a skilled photographer who specializes in landscape photos.  Because he values his customers and community so, he gives a 15% discount to family businesses within Paso Robles. If you are interested in his work, or want to place an order, contact him via skype; username ZSApexDesigns, by phone at (805) 536 1743 or by email at Please describe your project in FULL detail and place and offer. Along with that, state a time at which you will be able to talk with me via Skype or phone (I will call you.)


Apex Designs is a reliable company and I would highly recommend them with any design in which I need them to complete. – Ethan Short

Apex Designs has delivered me extremely profound work with very little to no flaws. Mr. Summers cares very intensely about his customers and I would recommend them 11/10

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