Immediately after high school students get rejected from the false sense of security that caused them to believe they were ready to take on the world they begin to question whether they are prepared for financial and career oriented lives. They know how to effectively manage their time and communicate with others, but are the electives offered enough to prepare them for live?  At PRHS students face the same problem, but they can find many opportunities within our extracurricular programs in order to obtain further life skills that will aid them in successful endeavours. PRHS offers an automotive program, welding, and other beneficial programs to aid them in absorbing some life skills. Although other schools may not provide the same opportunities these skills can very well be obtained elsewhere.  One particular instance is master technician Jason Townsend, who works at Kia dealership here in Paso Robles (2700 Theatre Dr, Paso Robles, CA 93445) who was asked where and how he learned about mechanics. He replies that “growing up around cars and family members who knew so much about cars it just came natural. Me and a friend even built an off-road buggy out of Toyota and Chevy engine parts. I have been doing this since I was a kid, and I have taken many courses in college and till this day I learn something new everyday.”

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 Concluding a short survey asking if participants think that their parents learned everything they know for living on their own–such as paying bills, taxes, managing money/time–within the school curriculum. Responses seem to suggest a need for at least a slight change in curriculum when we observe 15.4% saying yes, 30.8% saying no, and the majority staying somewhat neutral replying “maybe some.” This suggests a lack of essential life skills, but provides us with a good amount in order to maintain a healthy lifestyles. After personally asking student attending PRHS she tells that “school has taught [her] how to manage [her] time and prioritize [her] goals in order to be successful.” In conclusion, it’s apparent that although school may lack the more obvious life skills like paying taxes and managing finances or careers it does offer the more subtle factor that are equally as important.

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