ASB stickers are a $35 ticket for discounts at school events. They are available to purchase year-round and are meant to aid bearcats who want to attend events. ASB stickers may be useful to some, but at the expensive price of $35 people wonder whether it would be worth the purchase. Approximately 34% of PRHS Freshman say they have worried about this. The question we are investigating, is if these concerns are valid.
On one side, freshman Emily Olsen says that ASB stickers are “definitely worth it if you are involved and go to most of the events.” On another, most people who don’t buy an ASB sticker believe the school events are not worth the purchase.

25featimageFreshman Regan Rowins commented, “they really only cost $35 dollars, so it’s cheaper to buy the ASB sticker.” This statement is true. If you go to every event, there is a possibility of saving up $530. This is a substantial amount compared to the minuscule price of $35. The events available include: sports games, school dances, plays, and many more.

In addition, the money earned from ASB sticker sales is an immense help in funding the Associated Student Body Organization and Leadership Class. If ASB stickers were not offered, they would have to greatly raise the prices of school events, such as dances and sports events, just to avoid losing a large amount of money. “The real value of the ASB sticker is the commitment to being a proud, involved and dedicated Bearcat,” Teacher Anthony Overton commented.


In summary, ASB stickers are a vital addition to our school. They provide funds, allow students to create valuable memories at events, and support the Leadership Class: all for a discounted price. A portion of students don’t feel like they should be interested in school events. This causes them to feel no need to purchase an ASB sticker. Even if you’re not interested in events, not giving them a chance is allowing yourself to miss out on numerous opportunities.

“For those students that don’t believe they are worth the purchase, I would say get involved! You are missing out on hundreds of opportunities outside of class to grow as a person, build your resumes, and make the most out of your high school year.  You only get to be a kid once.  Take advantage of every open door and experience everything you can!” -Anthony Overton



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