The business club is a new club on PRHS campus, and it is going to be running the student store. Meetings are in room 109 at lunch Mondays and Fridays. Although meetings are at the beginning and end of the week, everyday you can find Mrs. Conte, the adviser of the club, and other members working on starting the student store. Mrs. Conte says “Meetings are every Monday and Friday, but the schedule is flexible.”

       Since the business club will be running the student store, students will be taught important skills for a job. Such skills include marketing and advertising skills, money and time managing skills, and how to work with others in a business environment. When Chloe Davis, who has been to multiple club meetings, was asked why business club is important she replied with “Because it teaches skills we can take into the real world.” When Hattie Dunn, the club president, was asked why she joined the club she replied with, “It is good for college applications and it does something on the campus…”

       The business club also wants to include a variety of products at the student store such as t shirts, sweatshirts, parkas and hats. The club wants to provide products that can help everyone at PRHS to show their Bearcat Pride. Mrs. Conte says “We have a diverse population here at Paso High; we want to reflect that in what we sell at the student store.”

       Now that you know a little about this club, here is where to find it. Business club can be found in the 100 building, which is behind the counseling office, in room 109. The classroom is on the top floor and is the last door on the left. The room so full of posters with helpful tips on how to be successful in the business world.

       In the past the student store has been run by leadership, but they had other commitments, so they couldn’t keep running it. So now the business club will be taking on the responsibility. The business club is looking for sponsors to help start up their student store. Founder Donors who donate $500+ will be recognized as Gold Sponsors, $300-$499 will be recognized as Silver Sponsors, $100-$299 are Bronze Sponsors, and anything less will be an advocate for the business club. Business club is a great club to learn and improve important skills for the world of business and get involved at school. 

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