Displaying new-piktochart_25057518_10dac5ac124a72be42967079ae88d3f8a5661449.pngFrom middle school to highschool, Girl talk has made a safe environment for girls to be able to express themselves without being judged. The club also helps, “ [Girls] how to be a strong, independent women that has more confidence. (Kayla Williams – President)” It is encouraging for girls to be empowered and able to be who they want to be when and where ever.

Lucky for you, Girl Talk is a feature club on Paso Robles High School Campus. Meeting every Monday,in Lechuga’s room, 40 members come together to rejoice in the activities that have happened throughout the week and to have some good quality pizza. Katy Griffin, the representative of the club, is the provider of the pizza, but also talks about where the members could use their skills from the club. She walks around the classroom inviting everyone to be part of conversation, like a big happy family.

Girl Talk isn’t just a club where you can just show up and sit in the corner, it is a club where you are accepted into the big family. Anything is allowed to be said and you will be helped with no judgement or bad looks. The club is a home of comfort.

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