At the age of 16, Diane Martinez is ready to show the world what she can do.  “[Martinez] always want to give people a voice that didn’t have one on this world.(Dianela Johnson)”  It was important for Martinez to be the helping hand and up stander in the events the make the littlest or biggest impact to the community and the people. But how is she able to input the world on these topics and will people actually ready them?

The thought finally came to Martinez to create a journalistic blog. She would decide to call it “Blossom Journal” because there are things that can blossom into something beautiful if it was view in a different perspective and show what beauty can really come with with things expressed through the diction that Martinez would use. Martinez is new to photography but is striving along with her photos and scenery. She has been writing for quite a few years but wanted to finally connect her words with visuals, and her visuals with words.

She has worked on “What’s New on the Street” – which is an informational page about the different strangers that Martinez has encountered and taken photos of. Another project that she has contributing to is going to “Pueblas” in Mexico and taking photos of the children and adults and writing about their everyday lives and how others help donate to then.

If you are interested in getting to know more information or wanted to get photos and story written about you, feel free to call (805) 423-6956 and email

“Diane Martinez always has a positive atitude and has great working skills.” Angelo M




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