Alexis Moreno is a 14 year old boy who grew up in Paso Robles, Ca.As a child Alexis always loved

to ride scooters play soccer and make scooter videos with all of his friends around his neighborhood.

Alexis found a interest in photography in the 9th grade. This past year getting from his journalism

class to learn about DSLR cameras.He has also learned about using adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

Alexis loves to edit videos and put cool affects on most of them and also add music to the background

of the edit.He loves to listen to Music while doing his work in journalism.Alexis is passions include

soccer,photoshoping,editing videos,and also riding scooter with his friends he loves going on his free

time to the pioneer Skate Park to relieve stuff off his mind.Kristopher Fairchild also says that

Alexis has a skill in bunch of stuff he included that he was good at soccer and making good

Instagram edits.


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