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Hayley Lacy has been studying photography since she was a little girl and has just recently started back up with her passion for the world of photography and videography. She takes a deep interest in central coast landscape photos which she sells in restaurants around downtown Paso Robles, as well as senior portraits. “At the age of 12 Hayley took my senior portraits, and they still came out better than most of my peers,” stated Alexis Price. Lacy is very open to various styles of shoots and is constantly trying to broaden her horizon in all styles of photography and design. You can see one of her main designs walking through the halls of Paso Robles High School on the students of Skills USA members repping their CaliCapture designed T-shirts. “Hayley has always been very easy and fun to work with and her skills are presented through her work,” said Ysabel Wulfing.  Along with Photography and Design, Lacy has recently begun her journey into the art of video production, filming, and editing a surprise thank you documentary dedicated to one of Paso High’s security guards that will be broadcasted throughout the entire school. Lacy has recently received the title of Crimson Newsmagazine’s video director and is very excited for the opportunities of creation to roll. Currently, she has been taking on multiple projects of family photos and designing family Christmas cards throughout the central coast and finding interesting video ideas around school. If you ever find you or someone you know in need of a design, videographer, or photographer you can contact Hayley Lacy through

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