Newly Freshmen student, Suzie Cano, is still on her journey to find her true passion. She has her mind set on going to college after she graduates high school, but is unsure of what she would like to fulfill her work life with. She decided to take IMJ to try out something new that seemed interesting to her. Yes, she has used a camera before this class and would often take pictures on her moms camera, but this class allowed her to actually learn how to properly use a camera. So far she likes this class and is always learning new things. She is often considering taking yearbook next year so she can continue her growing interest in photography. She loves using the new techniques she has been taught like the rule of thirds and even just the simplest things like keeping the camera straight for a photo. Suzie finds that valuing your family should be one of your top priorities because even if you lose some of your close friends here and there, you will always have your family to rely on, no matter the situation. Please consider getting together for a photo-shoot and if you have any questions feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.





“Suzie is very creative and easy to work with and is able to find all of your good features.” – Jackie Delgado




      “Photography gives you a chance to capture your most fond moments, and look back at the memory at any time.” -Suzie Cano

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