Choir at Paso Robles High School typically train every day to perform at concerts for both events and competitions alike. There are mainly four sections of singers who participate in competitions along with subsections that are rarely recognized. “There are Sopranos (females with high voices), Altos (females with low voices), Tenors (males with high voices), and Basses (males with low voices)”, Mrs. Ware, the Choir teacher, answered in an email. Paso Robles Choir is open to all students who are able to meet the requirements. “We never know how other choirs rank, but for two years in a row we have received the highest rating and received a plaque that told us we placed in the top of the competition.”, Mrs. Ware continued. Currently there are thirty-two people in Concert Choir and annually thirty-seven. Will Moses is a singer in the Bass section of Choir and has been in it for about six years. He attends seventh period(3-4pm) Advanced Choir in the Choir room to practice for upcoming festivals. “I just work with incredible, hard working, and hilarious individuals and watch them grow as people.  I love sharing joy and love for music and watching it develop in them.”, Mrs Ware said. Choir is a great class to be in for any student who wants to sing and have fun doing so!

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