An athletic and fierce fourteen year old, Ciarra Yarger grew up in Paso Robles California. But Ciarra doesn’t only have sports on her mind. With school to keep her busy, Ciarra finds new interests. One of the things that she does on her free time is taking pictures. Photography has become a new hobby that Ciarra loves to do. She loves how her work brings joy to others. Ciarra wants to inspire others to do more of what they love because she knows the importance of having self joy.

Ciarra has always had a passion for photography. Ever since she got her first phone, her love for this art form has enhanced over the years. Just like everything else she does, photography is not taken lightly. Ciarra puts countless hours into her work so that she can grow in her line of work. Whether it’s a small get together or a big wedding, Ciarra works just as hard to make it the best experience for the clients. Friends and family always look to Ciarra to capture all of the memories that they share. Ciarra has all the right knowledge and potential to capture whatever  moment that may come her way.

“Ciarra’s Captured Moments is a prestigious and artistic studio. I look forward to coming back in the future.” Anya Veach

“Ciarra was a pleasure to work with and her photos impressed me.” A happy customer

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