Since she was little, Courtney Camack has always been more of an observer. Rather than throw herself into the middle of a crowd she’d sit back and watch the event unfold around her. This habit of observation has also bled into her everyday life as she tends to look for the little things– pockets of beauty in otherwise ordinary settings. When her eyes aren’t cast downwards you can find them flickering about, searching.

It was at a young age that Courtney first held a camera and she’s been fascinated ever since– though it wasn’t until high school that she began to learn the mechanics of a camera and the professional art of photography. Having joined her school’s Intro To Multimedia And Journalism course, Courtney now knows the professional way of handling a camera and editing software. She understands the settings on a DSL Canon camera and the editing properties of Photoshop.

It was through this course that Courtney also founded CNC Photography, her own company specialized in capturing life’s beauty. Working one-on-one with her clients to get what they have envisioned is top priority, as well as making sure her client is comfortable and satisfied.

“She let me continue with daily life, allowing myself to get comfortable, and captured the essence of who I really am.”

So if you ever need someone to capture the perfect moment, you can contact Courtney Camack at:



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