“Write like it matters, and it will”-Libba bray

Growing up in a hispanic household, education and stellar grades have always been a top priority. So as you can imagine, Kristal Roman began to develop her interest for the art of writing at an unusually young age. Roman has always seen it as a way to truly express herself and her ideas with those around her. She believes that the only way you can get someone to care about your opinions and what you have to say is by transferring your passion and emotions in a way that makes it seem significant to your reader’s personal life. Having written  for over six years, Roman decided to pursue a career in this field. She created her company, by the name of Saucy Scribe, and has won multiple awards, due to her exquisite and remarkable writing skills. However, we mustn’t forget that she couldn’t have done it alone. Roman credited her success to her family for being so motivating and inspiring. She stated that if it weren’t for her “mother’s constant badgering and promises of a better future, [she] probably wouldn’t have gone down this pass of  greatness and prosperity”(Roman).

“Kristal is a diligent worker. Her sarcasm is basically the ink to her pen.  But don’t mistake the word sarcasm as a libel. She has something that most writers don’t have; character.”-Alayna Hernandez

“As a former mentor to Roman herself, I see many great qualities that solidify her as one of the next greatest people in literature.”-Nathan Jones


For any further questions, contact Kristal Roman at 8005072@pasoschools.org or (805)538-0073

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