From a young age Alayna Hernandez has been fascinated with the impact of photography and journalism. As a child Hernandez could be found investigating various assortments of newspapers, magazines, and documentaries mesmerized by the sights she could not see outside her picket fence. From the warm, fuzzy printings of Paso Robles (her hometown), the luminescent renderings of digital media, and every waxy photo in between Hernandez grew to appreciate the sense of purpose media carries. She found that in every word there was a sense of authenticity and in every iota of color an ever changing message.

Hoping to join the Paso High School Crimson Newsmagazine, Hernandez has since been taking the Introduction to Multimedia Journalism class along with Honors English. Although she is new to the art of photography, writing has always been her passion. After graduation her ambition is to travel around the world in which she has only experienced in words and pictures. Hernandez strives to capture her surroundings as genuinely as possible, to expose and inspire those who have only seen to seek. From portraits to articles, Hernandez is more than glad to venture and capture your story.

“Alayna is all about getting the facts. She knows what questions to ask to get the most meaningful answers. As for photos, she captures the moments that matter the most to her clients. She knows how to get her clients what they want.”             -Christia Taylor

“She’s new to the scene, but her devotion makes her content.”  -John Smith

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