Edward Huerta is a 14 year old,with dream of taking photos for the world and making design for everyone to see. Huerta is oldest of a beloved family in the age of 8 he move from a small town to Paso Robles where he Currency live. Huerta company name Edwards Photography a company that own by Edward Huerta and shot photo also makes design Huerta said “i love my company and want to strive and want to take picture for big name company”.As Edward strive to become a great company his value has never change Edward said “My Value are family,Friends and pets and that will never change”.As Edward produce his photo his skills are being dedicated to get every thing done and well made.Also the photo he take are not fast taking or slow he try to made every picture count.Edward experiment with Photoshop and try to make it different then anyone else photos and to get the finally photo try make it to best quality.And Edward can do design also like making info graphic or logo to caught a eye and can make design or photograph .To talk to Edward you can talk to him form his email (8009965@pasoschools.org) to caleborate or do thing in the photography or design realm.


“His photography company very dedicated and supportive” by Robert wittwer


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