EOL Photography

Alondra is the name of a young female student who is hardworking, weird and loves being comfortable in her bed. Alondra’s personal values are helping others, being diligent, trying new things and staying true to yourself. One way of Alondra being true to herself is the gaiety of photography.

Alondra knows how to use Photoshop to manipulate, edit and transform images. She has now begun learning about Adobe Illustrator for logos and digital drawings. It’s Alondra duty to now learn more about the ways of a photographer. Seizing a moment with an image at any minute.

If finding yourself is through taking pictures by heart, like Alondra, you should consider joining EOL Photography. You can learn how to properly hold a camera,  manipulate and edit images, create logos, make designs and more. Express yourself through the portraits you can take. Come and join the path of photography. Don’t miss out!


 “A simple action captured by any device can become such a brilliant photograph, you know.”, Alondra’s cousin, Bryant, says.

“I enjoyed working with EOL Photography. We always get the work done and learn new ways of being a great photographer.” Aunonimuszs.

All images are photographed and/or edited by Alondra Ibarra.

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