Kalina Pritchett is the oldest out 3. She enjoys to play softball and to hangout with her little brother and sister or read. When she is not doing any of those three things she is out and taking pictures. Kalina Likes to photograph People most of the time which include her family, friends, and sometimes just people who she finds interesting. Kalina first started getting into photography when she was in 8th grade. She was in Yearbook for Flamson Middle School and was assigned to go and take pictures.  After the year in Yearbook she knew she wanted to take IMJ (Intro to Multi Journalism) as one of her electives at the high school. Her photography business is called EyePhotography. EyePhotography was created as the company name because Kalina wanted her photos to have meaning and she wanted people to look at her photos with and open eye, to look for a meaning. Kalina Pritchett would love to work or photograph for you. Please contact Kalina If there are any questions. Thank You!  

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