Ever since he was a child, Ayden Henry has been fascinated with the wonders of photography. Ayden is currently in the 9th grade with over five years of experience of photography. Everywhere he goes, he always has his camera with him. Adrian Swindig says, “He is one of the best out there, I love all his work.” Ayden has always had the thought of what how the world would portray beauty without any color in the world. “Since color gives so much detail to this world, how would anyone be able to disgrace others if we were all the same color?” Ayden said.

He is very fun to talk to with a great sense of humor. All clients he has worked with are happy with their results. These days, photos have only become a figment of digital masterpieces found on phones and computers. Ayden is always striving to change that thought that has been put so willingly into this generations mind. We talked to Ayden more about his experience with other programs to edit his photos, “I love using Photoshop. You have so many options to edit your photo, and it’s extremely easy to understand and use…Adobe Illustrator is another program I use to make the logo for my company…” he explained.

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