Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets at lunch on Thursdays to support PRHS students,by creating a safe environment for students to be themselves.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club at Paso Robles High school that accepts anyone no matter who they are. Many students go to FCA because friends or siblings have recommended it to them. The club meets during lunch in Mr. Drake’s room, room 102, on Thursdays and there is free pizza! When Campbell Long was asked if she would recommend joining FCA to a friend, she answered without hesitation, saying,”I would definitely recommend it”. FCA is a way to not only bring Christians and athletes together, but provides every student a safe environment where they can be themselves. John Long was influenced to join by his siblings, he said, “My sisters were part of FCA all of last year and they said it was really fun, so I decided to go”. While many kids were influenced by friends or family, there are some students like Lauren Hollister who said she joined FCA because ”I wanted to get involved in more clubs at Paso Robles High School and I thought it would be a good choice”.

In addition to just interviewing students, I also attended one of the meetings. During the meeting there was lively discussion, games were played and pizza was served. Paso Robles is not the only school that has the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization. FCA is a worldwide organization, started in 1954, which has spread to over 45 countries. In conclusion, Mikaela Farrer summed up how FCA made her feel, with just two simple words: ”supported and safe”.

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