Ethan Figueroa is a 14 year old Paso High student (freshman). He plays football for his school.He is good at photography and design. He has always liked music, food, doing fun stuff. “I’m learning how to play guitar, we’ll see how that goes.” Ethan was always the only child until he had a sister 6 years ago. Then a year later he had a new little brother. He shares a small room with his little brother and his sister gets a room to herself. His experience in design is not much, he has just started learning this year in Mr. Ruckers class. Ethan has always been fairly creative and thinks outside the box. With a little more practice and experience he could become a great designer.


Alex Seigrist- Ethan is a FUNtastic designer and amazing “photoshopper.” He took photos of me and photoshopped them and they turned out great.


Fictionalized- Ethan is an amazing worker and he gets the job done. He has done lots of stuff for me to help with my company.


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