Martin Aguilar, a 15 year old Paso Robles High School sophomore and High School soccer player, enjoys to watch ‘edits” on his free time and to also edit videos on imovie to get a cool edited video whenever he has the chance. He values his skills on editing production and the dedication he puts towards something so it could be the best he can deliver to the customer. Aguilar, who is very experienced in photography and videography, is currently enrolled in a video production / journalism class and also periodically edits photos and videos whenever he has the chance to. He has always been fascinated by the process of editing small clips of videos to get a result that was worthwhile. Aguilar as of lately was intrigued by the idea that this could be one’s career so he’s wanting to study something in the area of this subject and show that he is dedicated and is providing his hardest work to deliver to the customer. Aguilar invites you to come and see what he is  all about and to show you what he can do, he’s sure you won’t be wasting your money on something low quality rather on something high end and affordable. He is sure he won’t let you down.

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