Luisa Delgado is very competitive and loves to play soccer. Everyday she has to step on the soccer field to shoot and practice harder and harder. She is also a very good photographer. She has been focusing in photography ever since her parents got her a camera for her birthday.  On her free time she loves to take pictures of nature and her friends. Whenever she goes on  trips like Disneyland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other special places she has to take her camera with her no matter what. She loves her camera like if it was her best friend.

Every time Luisa’s friends and family will ask her if she can take pictures of them. For example one time she went with her cousins, aunts, and mom to Tooth and Nail Winery to take pictures and they loved it. Luisa’s cousin said “Luisa these pictures are amazing, i think i’m going to have to print these pictures out!” Another example is friends always ask her to take pictures for them when they are feeling themselves and looking good. One of her friends quoted, “I love your work and i would definitely would recommend you to people i know.”



 “I loved working with Luisa because she just made me feel like i was with no one and i was feeling myself”






“Luisa is a very fun friend and photographer” 




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