At Paso Robles High school, Students have many ways to freedom or do they? Students here at Paso Robles are upset that an open campus isn’t allowed at lunch. Open campus will allow us students to leave every day at lunch , no passes needed. No security at the entrance telling you “you cannot leave campus without a pass, 87% of people think open campus is good. Having a Open campus will increase the starvation level of the students during class time and have multiple choices towards foods and different beverages. The school food is not as tasty than the foods outside of school, Students need to step up for their rights to have a open campus and be able to go to any restaurant or store nearby.

Others say that it can be dangerous to the students of PRHS, it can cause many lives or even injury. 13% of people say that having a open campus will be a bad decision. Maybe they’re right, Maybe having a open campus will be a dangerous decision, and will cause a high percent of unwanted people/objects on campus. Both of these arguments are very good arguments but it is a hard decision because most schools such has Davis high school are allowed to leave campus during their lunch break. I believe that juniors and seniors should have the right to leave campus as they are mature enough to be responsible. Gives them responsibly and maybe make the right choices for giving them that privilege. Having a open campus will save the school lots of money by buying very little of foods for breaks.

The percentage of high school students of food is very poor because of the unhealthy food that they serve at school, open campus allows them to go off campus and pick an healthier food choice, even have a option to go home to grab something to eat. Many disagree with this statement, I totally understand, students will be able to skip class, do drugs , and risk their lives. Therefore, giving them this privilege might be able to give them a understanding that the school and staffs do trust them and hopefully make the right decisions.  There’s also the issue of our safety. Lunch rush can be dangerous, especially if teens race to get to their destination and back to school on time. But students should be responsible for our own actions. Most teens with a license know the rules of the road and will follow them closely.

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