The High school experience is different for everyone and it is definitely not easy, but it can be harder to handle a job along with it. In High school you go to roughly 6-8 classes a day on regular schedule and having to be paying attention in all of our classes with full energy. Imagine doing all you can at school while having a job and still wanting a social life outside all of that. It can be very difficult experience.  Going to high school is difficult enough but handling a hard working job along with it is extremely difficult.Some people can handle pressure but most of them can not. 1 in 4 of high school students at the age of 16 work. That’s more than 3 million workers nationwide. Only 1% of students work full time and that 1% is home school on an online school. I interviewed two graduates, one who graduated with a job and how her high school year went and one who graduated without a job and why and why not  she had a job in high school. The number of employed 16 and 17 year old are roughly around 24,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis. The unemployed for 16-19 year old teens increased to 26.4 percent with close to half of these unemployed teens( 49.8 percent) searching for a job for the first time.


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