Crimson Newsmagazine is Paso Robles High School’s award winning journalism class. The elective produces a thirty-one page newspaper five times each school year. The magazine has won many awards including 1st website and 3rd in paper in 2017.

          The class includes 31 sophomores, juniors, and seniors creating the magazine. The students have jobs such as reporter, editor, illustrator, and many types of managing jobs. I interviewed the teacher /advisor of the class Jeffery Mount.

Mount has overviewed Crimson since 2000 and has been able to drive the journalism students to success. “There’s a real audience”, he says. The new magazine has more than 200 subscriptions in addition to the 2000 printed for every student at Paso High. Printing over 200 articles per year, the magazine covers everything from school sporting events to real world issues. Mount tells us that they post 2-3 sports articles a week on their website, which contains news from a variety of topics based around school happenings.

       The Paso Press supported the magazine by deciding to print Crimson regularly, but also in the middle of their paper. This made Crimson seen more by the people of Paso Robles, upping the views of the magazine by a lot.

       In just a few days of observing, I could already see the family mentality in the classroom, I happened to be observing the week before publishing, so I got insight of what it’s really like to be a journalist in action. Walking in and taking one glance at their computers, I already saw the hours of work that had went into the 31 page newspaper. The attention to detail of the pages was extraordinary. With the influence Mount, everyone’s helping one another, and everyone acts like a team. Crimson is a fast paced class, the workplace is full of experienced individuals. “This class is just killing me” says one of the journalists. The kind of tough love that goes on in that room is different from any other class on campus. The majority of students are ready to lend a hand no matter what condition. Although the students love that class, it’s no walk in the park to be a part of. “This is the most stressful class on campus” a journalist stated. The whole class has a family sort of feel. No matter the reason, the high schoolers seem to always be supportive of each other.

      While interviewing, student Hayley Lacey says “Everything in crimson is preference based, you will never do something you’re not passionate about.” Each student has a different job and task, but they seem to work as whole very well also.

     The controversy in Crimson right now is whether it would be beneficial to create an instagram account for Crimson News Magazine. This would make news faster and more accessible to the student body. Would you follow the Crimson Magazine Instagram?

“I joined Crimson for the experience of a lifetime”-Hayley Lacey

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