Hope Collins is a 14 year old who grew up in Paso Robles, California. Although she grew up in a small town her passion has always been travelling. At just 8 years old she had already been to many parts of Europe including France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and England. Just last year she traveled back to France for the Cannes Film Festival to accept an award for the short film Drifting. Hope has always loved writing but just this year she has realized that she could travel and write, her dream is to become a journalist, writing about things that matter such as climate change, animals going extinct, and problems that are happening around the world not just in America. Although Hope wants to write she also wants to take pictures of the problems around the world, to show Americans how other countries live. Hope wants her company to be based around the idea that we are all one world and making a difference is possible. Hope wants to have a small team of dedicated journalists and photographers that are willing to put their lives at risk by travelling to countries that are in war or have high numbers of poverty.

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