Before the appeal of iphones, ipads, and other electronic devices had reached her generation, Grace Anderson had been held captivated by the depths of literature. By the time she had reached kindergarten she was already an avid reader and found the written word more interesting than the glowing screen of a video game. As she grew she began to find interest in creating her own stories and worlds and so she started to write. Her stories weren’t particularly great but she enjoyed the feeling of developing characters and tales that were solely her own. Writing soon became her escape and she fell into the joy of fabricating a world unlike her own universe, and now years later she still works toward the goal of someday showing the world her worlds.


Grace Anderson, recently 15, lives on the outskirts of Paso Robles in the town of Shandon where the population doesn’t exceed 1,300. When she finds the time she goes outside to work with the horses on her farm or just to spend time them in general. She pridefully talks about the fact that a baby horse will soon be running around the property. She is on the freshman basketball team and loves the joy of a fast break or a perfectly aimed shot. She got into an accident a few months back and broke her back, pelvis, and arm and she needed a walker for a month or two, Grace laughs about it though and says she’s an old lady at this point. Grace hopes to capture all these wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that she experiences in her writing, hoping that the joy she feels in these everyday things will transfer over to the make believe worlds.


“Grace is fantastic to work with and has a very creative look on the world” – Brie Howenstein


“She strives to fill her writing with as much character and individuality as she can”- Kaitlin Wittstrom


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