As a child Trinity Holland had eagerly looked forward to bedtime where her grandmother would softly whisper stories and gently read children books to her. She had always been fascinated in the art of literature and writing from a young age. Children in this century are settled down to bed with either a tablet or phone in their hand and it seems as though children are becoming less and less interested in books and stories and they are more interested in their digital games. Trinity is striving to help preserve the magic of stories and folklore.

Trinity is a fourteen year old girl who is settled in the sleepy town of Paso Robles, CA. She loves those who strive to be the most raw versions of themselves, and she appreciates authenticity. She wishes to one day travel the world and see the most genuine forms of culture and art. Trinity believes that everyone should say what they mean and be more blunt, because the world is full of dishonesty and fabrication. She hopes to lead a more simplistic and happy life and she is zealous to find out what the future has in store for her.

“Trinity is always easy to work with, I love working with her because she never makes things awkward. She’s very good at making you feel like she’s not just doing it as an assignment and she’s actually trying to get to know you. She also never fails to make me laugh.” (Kira Brockman)

“Working with Trinity never seems forced. She’s very open to my ideas and she never makes me feel uncomfortable.”

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