International club on Paso Robles HS keeps students up to date with cultures all over the world while bringing more people together everyday.

By: Hanna Juell-Skielse, Student, Oct. 11, 2017

It all started earlier this year, when Ms. Lee, a science teacher teaching her first year at PRHS, got approached by a couple of students who wanted to keep their club alive. She says that

she agreed to be in charge of the club because of those students´ enthusiasm and passion about their club.

The students got their wish and the club became a success with about 40 people attending their regular lunch meetings on Tuesdays.

Beatrice Carniato, 17, one of the nine exchange students in the club, says that she joined the club because of the fact that it was a place where a lot of people meet. Being an exchange student, and needing a place to get to know more people, International club seemed like a good place to start.

One of the American students in the club, Jasmine Romero, 15, thinks that International club does something important for the student body as a whole, she says that it brings students together and invites the people who needs a friend, especially those who come from another country.

Although the future’s looking bright for the club, there is always that horrible time at the end of the year when all of the exchange students has to go home, taking all of the beautiful memories with the fun times with them. The only thing to do at that moment will be to hope that more students arrive the next year to fill up the void they left behind.

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