Do you online shop? Do you ever wonder  if it’s more expensive to shop online? These days it’s as if no one even shops in store, it seems like everyone shops online.I’m now trying to figure out if it is worth our time to shop online, meaning is it more expensive and are there more options in store than online. A statistic taken in 2017 from “” says one out of every four online shoppers shop online at least once a week.  A study from “CPCStragey” says that 96% of the U.S. population shops online but 65% of that 96% shops in store, too. The benefits of shopping online: you can do it from home and that’s a reason why a lot of people choose to shop online rather than in store and at this day and age there are advertisements everywhere and it’s super easy to get to online shopping sites, but some things that are keeping people from shopping online is not being able to see and feel the things in person; 49% of shoppers feel that way (sentence feels forced).(This sounds like something from an infographic, change up the wording to make the fact more prevalent than the opinions) Another downfall of shopping online is shipping cost,  Although, you get to stay home when you online shop you have to pay extra to the company so they can send it to you, the further you are from the company the more expensive the shipping may be. So, although shopping online has it’s advantages it also has its disadvantages. A student from PRHS says “ I do like to shop online because I can do it from home but I like shopping in store because I can feel and try the things on that i’m considering buying so therefore I prefer shopping in store rather than online.” says freshman Jason Scruggs. After all my research I found out that it really depends, sometimes shopping in store can be more expensive and sometimes shopping online can be more expensive. So it just depends on you whether you wanna drive to a shop or just stay home and shop but pay that shipping fee.

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