The Interpreting Club helps you learn more Spanish and the culture . Some of the greatest qualities of the club is that it supports diversity , and opened mindedness . Not all members attend the meeting at the same time . Members  learn to speak Spanish better and learn about the Spanish culture . One of the members of the club , Divine Rubio said , “ We really joined so we  can learn more about the Spanish culture and the Spanish language and help people . ” It will help you with your future and help you if you don’t know what to do . One of the members Emerson Phillips said “ I think since most of California speaks Spanish I’d learn it and it will give me advantage because I speak both languages which is easy to get a job .” Members have to earn money so they can travel to events so they can help interpret . Ms. Douston the teacher says “ We do fundraisers and the money we get is what we get and if we need a little bit more just for supplies I cooperate” Since the club has barely started this year they have to earn money . The reason the club just started was because there wasn’t a club like this around campus . They hope that the club will last and that it will help many people learn and understand the Spanish culture .  The members say that they are all very smart and hope to have fun and learn while it lasts .

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