Since 2009, Migos has been working on music and projects to make it to the top, little did they know they would influence so many American people with their meaningful words and work ethic.  Coming in on “The New York Time’s” list of what music Americans listen to the most, Migos ranks a solid number 12.  For instance , according to “Pigeons and Planes”, Migos’ song Bad & Boujee pulled in a stunning $4,000,000 on its own.  The Odyssey says that The Migos are today’s Beatles.  They say that Migos are revolutionizing the hip-hop/ rap game by entering the game with an explosive theme to their music.   

It all started in the small town of Lawrenceville, Georgia (, where a small rap group formed that called themselves Polo Club.  Ever since, Migos has been an inspiration to people everywhere, showing that even if you come from the bottom, you can still make it to the top if you have work ethic. Shane McGuffin said, “Migos is all about the culture. They have great positivity in life and in hip-hop, so, yea, they are doing a great job.” Although all three of the Migos members are worth $12 Million combined (, they stay humble and keep putting out music for people all across America.  In an interview, Jorge Magdonal said, “I feel that the Migos are revolutionizing the pop culture with their music and their sense of style and creativity.”  While some may be repelled by the explicit language in Migos’ lyrics, Jorge says, “…the explicit language just captures the attention of most, but if you actually listen to the lyrics, the message is there.” Shane and Jorge say that they have listened to every single Migos song that they have put out.

Here are two podcasts about Migos and how they affect people differently:

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