Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries and now for PRHS students interested in this field, they can all come together and collaborate with ideas on how to help the community.

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  Members on October 3rd, 2017.

The Life Savers Club is a brand new club on campus, started in October 2017, the club thrived at it’s very first meeting with over 30 students on October 3rd, 2017. The club is student run, with our very own Introduction to Healthcare/Sports Medicine/ Community Healthcare Practicum teacher, Ms. LaMendola and PRHS athletic trainer, Ms. Maria, as advisers.

“There are so many opportunities for students, entry level jobs right out of high school, and  lots to learn about healthcare careers. Spreading education and helping the public and community is so important to us.” -Mrs. LaMendola (Adviser)

Healthcare is one of the largest growing careers; by starting this club on campus, they hope to introduce students, who are interested in the healthcare field, to start now, create new relationships and get their feet wet in the healthcare pathways.

“By joining this club, I hope to spread knowledge about healthcare and the healthcare fields available to all students.” – Mackenzie Newman (Community Healthcare Pathway Completer)

Whether you’re in the PRHS healthcare pathway or not, all students are welcome to attend meeting and learn about way to get involved and be introduced to our advisers and officers on campus. Students are more than willing to share their knowledge with everyone and are excited to begin health care careers.

“Healthcare is important to me because I want to do more good in the healthcare world and I believe we need more healthcare providers.” -Marley Edwards (Life Savers Club Vice President)

Life Saver Clubs members from Ms. LaMendola’s 2nd period Sports Medicine class were surprised to find that about half of the students do not have a health care class at all. The president of the club, Keala Paz, an Introduction to Healthcare student was elected at the first meeting in October.

This group of students are very open and welcoming to all new members. Walking into room 1019 and feeling the cheerfulness from the excited students was really a breath of fresh air.

In the coming months they hope to go on field trips to see live cadavers in Los Angeles, help the community by doing community service with their practicum students. They also hope to assist in the PRHS annual blood drive and much more!

Healthcare is extremely important for the future, the Life Savers Club strives to share knowledge and allow new mentor ships to develop between healthcare pathway completes and new students. The club is also eager to help the community and public in any way they can and develop new relationships.

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