High school stunt is a newly developed female sport that is growing rapidly. Derived from traditional cheerleading, Stunt takes out the crowd leading and dancing aspects of cheer and leaves all the athletic components like stunting, tumbling, and complex pyramids. Stunt is arranged in 4 quarters; partner stunts, jumps and tumbling, pyramids, and game day. Both teams compete head to head with the same exact routine, trying to be as sharp and exact as possible. Judges will mark every mistake, and pick who presented it most accurate.

During these stunt games, it’s hard to stay sharp when exhausted, “Trying to go back to technique when exhausted is the hardest part.  It’s a lot like math in the sense that although it may get more rigorous and complex, you always have to check yourself and go back to the basics”, Jeraly Escamilla states her biggest difficulty during these games. Stunt is a very athletic sport, it takes work and hours in the weightroom to cleanly pick up and throw these girls safely. Stunt shows “outsiders” these cheerleaders capabilities that you wouldn’t notice in a regular halftime. “It is easier for parents, or students to see the real difference between two teams.” coach Tori Loney says, “you can compare the two teams side to side in Stunt, rather than watching two different routines, it’s hard to tell who is better”.

Since Stunt is a rapidly growing female Stunt, it needs to be recognized. Not many people know or understand exactly what stunt is, which unfortunately is why not many girls try out.  “If you are strong, and willing, try out!”, Loney says. Stunt is full of many positions, if you are a gymnast you can be a tumbler in jumps and tumbling, or become a base or flyer. “Whether you are on or off the mat, you will feel like you are really part of a team”.

For this coming up season, Loney is enthusiastic about how the season will go. The team has really improved in between seasons she claims and they are ready for the competition. Last season, the first year the bearcats began stunt, they did very well. Their point average was 15 points per game, and they made it to the first round of CIF. (2016) High School Stunt the Sport began in 2014, so there weren’t too many teams in our league participating, the Bearcats very often replayed teams. The team was a collection of all types of people, they had 60 people try out, and 43 taken onto the team. Coach Loney and athlete Kate Bravo both agree that Arroyo Grande will be our biggest competition, “They have strong athletes and tumblers, but I believe we have stronger stunting so it could even be a match”, Kate Bravo, a base on the Bearcat stunt team explains.

All the lady Bearcats encourage more people to come out of their comfort zone and try out. It’s a great opportunity giving women more confidence and showing the school what they can do. You have chances for scholarships.

Flyer Brianna Amundson flies high in the air thrown by Mollie Batrum, Kylie Bridewell, and Nicki Dimatteo.

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