Journalists must ask what is WORTHY of being printed. There are so many choices of WHO and WHAT and HOW to write a story or shoot a photo. Are we writing what people want to read? What they SHOULD read?

Develop a sense for what makes a story newsworthy.

This is called “a nose for news.” These themes are classically WORTHwhile and

Hard News Themes

CONFLICT Fights. Struggles. Crimes. Aggression. Years of Torture
PROGRESS Change. Improvement.Justice. Victory. Mothers kicking drugs
DISASTER Fires. Deaths. Accidents. Dangers. Suffering. Fatalities in teen crashes spike 
CONSEQUENCE Impact. Importance. Life-n-death. Essential problems.   Melting Ice in Greenland

Soft News Themes

EMOTION Joy. Pain. Hope. Fear. Despair. Trust. There are so many. Pretty, Big, and Dancing
NOVELTY It’s unusual. Original. Surprising. STICK!  He’s the Voice of Movie Trailers!
RELATIONSHIP Friendship. Love. Romance. Dating. Connections. Those Nigerian female auto mechanics
ANIMALS Mic drop.  The Real Air Bud

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