Pasta Robles: Best Pasta in Paso Robles

Pasta is the great dinner and lunch choice this Italian cuisine is a traditional food. I will be going around Paso Robles and trying pasta from the top pasta places in Paso Robles to find out what one is the best. I will be going to Buona Tavola, Il Cortile, Catch, and Paso Terra and taste testing their food.I am judging these restaurants food on Taste, Texture, Sauce, and Cost.


The owner and chef of Catch has been in the food industry for a very long time up and down the central coast. He owned a small restaurant named Chicos which really began to kick off. Eventually he moved his business right over into a bigger restaurant where he renamed it Catch which now he can cook in front of everyone at the bar to watch. When you walk into Catch you can smell all the fresh food cooking and the sauce being made.You can hear the oil bubbling on the pan. There are lots of  colorful orange lights that are just the right brightness. When you finally get your food you can see the steam coming off the plate.


The taste of the food is so simple and it tastes kind of plain so I get the Pasta Primavera and add shrimp with it. The shrimp is very fresh and flavorful, and tastes like they just caught it that day. The shrimp is very juicy and really helps the taste of the dish I would score it a solid 7.5. The texture of the pasta is perfectly cooked and the linguine is not chewy at all I scored the texture a solid 8. The sauce however is not that special it is mainly just some butter and salt with basil it’s a very simple sauce and nothing special so i’m going to have to score it a 6. The cost comes around to be about 22$ however the size of the pasta you’re getting is very big portion it’s enough to make two meals out of so I would rate it a 9. So considering all that I’m going to score it a 7.5 out of ten on the cost.

I am looking forward to going to other restaurants still and getting pictures of that restaurant and food to taste test for my project Best Pasta in Paso Robles. The next step is for me to go taste test one of these restaurants. One of my biggest questions for the chefs was why do you love being a cook? When you’re starting out the pay is terrible and you work a lot of hours so what made you want to do? Most of them answered my question by saying something like their favorite thing is and what makes them keep cooking is the people. They enjoy the people they work with, and they like hearing at a long hard day of work that they made the best meal they have ever eaten. Some of the chefs have even turned their restaurant into a family owned restaurant.


Paso Terra is a small little restaurant near the movie theater however the food there has big taste.The name of the pasta I got was called vegetarian with mushroom and artichoke with Basil. I usually do not get pasta like this but it was very good the taste I would rate a 7 because all the flavors blended very well together. However the pasta did seem a little bit overcooked at least enough to notice so i’m going to give it a 6. However though the sauce was great very creamy and just fit well with the vegetables in it and it didn’t taste like it was just put in there it was obviously there to blend with the other flavors so I’d give it a 9. Overall the cost was a little more on the expensive side for how much pasta you’re getting coming out to be 24$ so I would give it a 6. Taking all these things into consideration I would give this restaurant a 7 out of 10.

Next I went to Il Cortile which is near downtown Paso Robles. When I went there I actually ended up eating fettuccine salsiccia which is spinach fettuccine with house made sausage with it. Overall I rated the taste an 8 it was good but the flavors seemed a little off like it didn’t taste how it should. The texture of the sauce was good but I felt the pasta was a little under cooked so I gave it a 7 because of it. The sauce however was very good but nothing crazy it was just a creamy but light sauce so I rate it a 7. The cost of the food was close to the other ones coming in at 23$ which is just a dollar cheaper than Paso Terra. Including all these factors I rated this restaurant a 8 out of 10.


Buona Tavola is a nice restaurant kind of hidden away across from the library. When I went there I ordered the Capellini al filetto di pomodoro e basilico which is basically angel hair pasta with organic tomato fillets, garlic, and basil. This pasta had great taste and was served right after being made and was still steaming I would rate the taste of it at a 8.5. However the sauce was mainly just a little bit of olive oil, garlic, and some parmesan cheese on top nothing to special so I gave it a 7. The pasta was cooked perfectly and so it had great texture and I rated it a 10. The pastas cost was the lowest out of all the restaurants I went to coming around at about 16$ and since it’s the cheapest it scored another 10. I overall rated this restaurant at a 9 out of 10 scoring it the highest out of all the restaurants.









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