Photography at its Finest

From a young age Taylor was always told to see the bigger picture and to show more than just one point of view and that is what she likes to do in her photos. The photographer of Photography at its Finest Taylor Olcott is currently a freshman at Paso High. Taylor spends most of her time with her horses out on the polo fields. Taylor has been competing in polo for five years now. Taylor has big plans to go to many great colleges to become a vet. However at the moment Taylor loves working as a photographer. Taylor started taking pictures about four years ago. She loves to capture a wide variety of color in her photos.  The goals Taylor has for any picture she takes is for it to have a meaning behind it that doesn’t meet the eye, every viewer of the photo should have a different feeling towards it. An photograph taken should have magic and mystery to it.  Taylor’s priority if any picture she takes to have the meaning of what the customer would like. However important meaning maybe quality is also very important. The main goal of Photography at its Finest is to show the bigger picture in just one shot.

“she has taken some truly beautiful photos that show that she has a real eye for capturing the perfection of the moment.” – Zoey Mayo

” Taylor has taken amazing photos that have lots of emotion.” -Holly Jolly

Taylor Olcott

Picture by Zoey Mayo

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