Declan Higgins, an active journalist, resides in the town of Paso Robles, California. Higgins, the founder of Press the Truth, has created multiple company logos with Adobe Photoshop. Whilst doing so, he has amassed several months’ worth of experience with the application. He also has designed and modified images in Adobe Illustrator. However, he asserts that his true passion is journalism.

When asked about his opinion on his line of work, Higgins answered, “Journalism is a very entertaining topic to me, and I’d like to continue to improve my journalistic techniques to better service this company’s customers. Factual reporting is something essential for the world, and I think that companies like this can help raise the bar for reporting.”

“Despite having a very hectic schedule,” Higgins added, “I ensure that I create time for all customers, employees, and curious individuals. Feel free to contact me via phone call or email and I’ll do my utmost to respond promptly. Any and all questions or comments are appreciated!”

“Declan is a hardworking, fun guy.” -Santiago Alapisco

“I’ve worked with this legend for years. He really knows what he’s doing, so know that his legendary company will fulfill your journalistic needs. Seriously.” -Larry Legend

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